Community Manager's Report

As you may have noticed, there are no summer plantings in the Westshore-Southshore planter box. That is because the city of Tempe mistakenly cut our water line when they repaired their leak under their sidewalk. The city will be scheduling that repair in the next few weeks and we will then plant our summer plantings. We also removed the oleander bushes because I had several complaints about the line-of-sight for people entering the intersection. We will replace those bushes with lower growing vegetation.

People have asked about the color of the lake. This is a natural color due to the large and healthy population of blue-green algae in the water. This variety of algae is present in sufficient amount that it naturally dominates another type of algae that we do not want: golden algae. The blue-green algae fills the water with enough sunlight blocking algae to keep down the growth of golden algae, a very well-know pest that has been present in virtually all local waters for years. Golden algae has been responsible for fish kills all around the state and has hit our water more than once. We see the blue-green algae as greatly beneficial to the health of our lake. The lake was last tested in June and is golden algae free. We recently added fish to the lake; bass, catfish and fathead minnows that are particularly adept at eating mosquito larvae.

While I'm on the topic of mosquitoes, I want to remind everyone that, with the upcoming monsoon season and occasional heavy rains we hope to get, we will see an increase in the mosquito population due to standing water in pots, buckets, and puddles around our homes. Periodically and after every rainstorm, you should check around your property and spill out even small amounts of standing water. This is a simple remedy and one that can have an impact on this pesky problem.


Community Manager's Report

Christine Baldanza

July 2017