Lakes Community Association

Lakes Community Chooses New 2018 Board Members


Election Results
Sue Wong331 votesElected
Jay Nelson325 votesElected
Amir Lahouti211 votesElected

Three new members of the LCA Board of Directors were chosen at the forty-seventh Annual Meeting held on February 13 at the Beach and Tennis Club. Each of the three new members will occupy a three year term on the board. After the results of the election were read, the new board assigned the new board positions.

You may view the complete Election Results Certifiction document from the law firm of Vial Fotheringham Law, LLP, which conducted the election for The Lakes.

At the Homeowners Meeting, LCA President, Mark Reddie gave the President's annual report.

Community Manager, Christine Baldanza, also gave the Community Manager annual report.

Lakes Documents Available Online

Download Them All!

Application thumbnailTo maintain the high standards of development that exist in The Lakes, all owners must obtain approval from the Architectural Committee before any changes can be made that affect the appearance of structures and landscape.

You can download a copy of The Lakes Architectural Application as well as the Architectural Rules, CC&Rs and more at The Lakes Document Download.

Tempe Bulk Trash 2018 Collection Schedule

Collection Day Collection Type
Tempe Area F
The Lakes
January 8 Bulk
February No Pickup
March 12 Bulk Green
April No Pickup
May 14 Bulk
June No Pickup
July 9 Bulk Green
August No Pickup
September 10 Bulk Green
October No Pickup
November 12 Bulk
December No Pickup

You can find further information at the website.


Tempe Mixed Waste Collection

Beginning in January 2015, residents will receive mixed bulk trash pickups every other month. This material is too big to fit in your regular trash bin. All of it is taken to the landfill.

Mixed Waste Acceptable Items

Mixed Waste Unacceptable Items

Green Organics

The city has also reinvented its Green Organics program, which turns most yard waste into nutrient-rich compost. These optional pickups will occur seasonally, in spring, fall and winter, to coincide with the growing and trimming seasons. There will be a total of 3 pickups each year. Instead of going to the landfill, this material is taken to the city's composting facility where it is recycled.

Green Waste Acceptable Items

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Green Bin

Street Sweeping

Third Wednesday of every month

Make a mental note to park your car(s) in your driveway in order that the sweeper can do a thorough job. Thanks!

Lakes Community Association

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Lakes Documents

All the most asked-for Lakes documents are available online; Architectural Applications to Architectural Rules; CC&Rs to Reserve Study; Clubhouse Rules to Fishing Rules and more.

You may view the docs online on the Document Download page in your web browser or download and save them to your computer.

2018 LCA
Board of Directors

President Mark Reddie
Vice President Rick Rentschler
Secretary Rebecca Miller
Treasurer Michael Santopadre
Director Amir Lahooti
Director Jay Nelson
Director Mike Rowley
Director Sue Wong

The Lakes
Community Manager

Community Manager Christine Baldanza

LCA Annual Meeting

Tuesday, February 13, 2018; 8 PM

The first meeting of the members of The Lakes Community Association was held February 8, 1972 and has been held on the second Tuesday in February at 8 PM ever since.

This year's meeting of the members will be held on Tuesday, February 13 at 8 PM in The Lakes Beach and Tennis Club. At the meeting, the results of the 2018 Board of Directors election will be announced and the new board will elect officers.

2018 Board Meetings

January 24
February 28
March 28
April 25
May 23
June 27
July No Meeting
August 22
September 26
October 24
November 14
December No Meeting

LCA board meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 7 PM in the upstairs lounge in the LCA Clubhouse. There is no regular meeting in July or December. In November, the meeting is held the third Wednesday because of Thanksgiving.

An agenda is posted on the Clubhouse bulletin board five days prior to the monthly board meeting. Members who desire to discuss a problem with the board and seek a resolution are requested to provide the association office with a short description of the problem and any proposed solution at least seven days prior to the meeting. The information will be included in the board's meeting package.

LCA Committees


Co-Chairs: Christy Ervin, Denise Rentschler

Board Liaison: Rebecca Miller

Second Wednesday of the month at 7 PM


Chair: Rebecca Miller

First Tuesday of the month at 7 PM

Architectural Nominating

Members: Rick Rentschler, Rebecca Miller

Budget and Finance

Chair: Marty Garrett

Board Liaison: Michael Santopadre

Tuesday of the week preceding the LCA board meeting at 7 PM

Fishing and Boating

Chair:Lee Dettling

Board Liaison: Mike Rowley

First Monday at 6 PM

Lakes Log

Chair: Gloria Hollingsworth

Board Liaison: Mike Rowley

Lakes Women's Club

Chair: Launie Harlacher

Board Liaison: Sue Wong

First Thursday of the month at 6:30 PM


Board Liaison: Rick Rentschler

Personnel and Compensation

Members: Mark Reddie, Michael Santopadre, Rick Rentschler, Mike Rowley

Risk Management

Members: Mark Reddie

Swim Team

Chair: Denise Rentschler

Board Liaison: Rick Rentschler

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