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It's Time For Poker Regatta

Deal Yourself In!

The Lakes Activity Committee is hosting the annual Poker Regatta on Saturday, March 25 from 9 AM to 2 PM. All Lakes registered boats are eligible to enter and all Lakes residents are eligible to enter since you don’t have to be on or even in a boat to play.

In the Lakes Poker Regatta, you'll build a poker hand by visiting each of the seven checkpoints around the lake in any order drawing one card at each stop. Your cards are recorded on your hand where you pick the best five-card poker hand from your seven cards.

The best hands of the day will win great prizes and the more hands you play, the better your chances for winning. You can purchase as many hands as you’d like at the Beach and Tennis Club now until the day of the Regatta for $5 each and include lunch in the park and a concert by the Rave.

No boat? No problem!

You can check in at the checkpoints on foot, bike, even automobile and, of course, by boat. In addition, the Lakes pontoon boat, Lady of The Lakes, will cast off from the Beach and Tennis Club Marina at 10 AM on a cruise to all checkpoints. Seating is limited and there is an small charge for passage so make reservations early.

Checkpoints open at 9 AM and close at 12 noon except for the finish line which closes at 12:30. The picnic and concert by the Rave will follow in the park and prize winners will be announced at 2 PM.

It's a beautiful day of fun on the lake and at the park and always a popular event. You also have the option of just joining the picnic for $5 per person; under 6 free. The only ones who lose in this event are those who don’t come out and enjoy this very special day in Lakes paradise!

Presented by the Lakes Activity Committee

Lakes Community Chooses New Board Members


Election Results
Mark Reddie376 votesElected
Mike Rowley274 votesElected
Rick Rentschler250 votesElected

Three new members of the Lakes Community Association Board of Directors were chosen at the forty-sixth LCA Annual Meeting held on February 14 at the Beach and Tennis Club. Each of the three new members will occupy a three year term on the board. After the results of the election were read, the new board assigned the new board positions.

Lakes Man and Woman of the Year

Every year at the Annual Meeting, the LCA Board of Directors chooses a woman and a man who live in the Lakes and have given the most of themselves and their time to help make the Lakes a better place. This year Launie Harlacher, president of the Lakes Women's Club, was chosen as 2016 Lakes Woman of the Year. Launie has been involved with the LWC for many years, has worked hard with the LWC which sponsors many events such as the Rene Balleu Project Nite Nite, adult health seminars, and the annual Lakes Garage Sale to fund the LWC service projects. The LWC donates money to local schools and, through the Giving Tree, brightens the lives of local school children at the holidays. Launie is pictured with LCA President Dave Kemper.

Bill Mercer is the 2016 Lakes Man of the Year. Bill is a member of the Infrastructure and Maintenance Committee which is responsible for much of the research and planning for many of the large and technical construction projects in the Lakes. Among such projects are the upcoming irrigation conversion project and the tennis, volleyball and basketball court conversion to LED lighting which will account for a significant saving in lighting costs for the community. Bill's vast knowledge of the Lakes operation and his willingness to help is a great asset to the community. Mr. Mercer was unable to attend the Annual Meeting this year.

Outgoing LCA President, Dave Kemper, pictured with LCA Vice President Mike Pameditis, was bestowed a plaque in appreciation of his devoted leadership and service throughout his years as president of the board.